Utopia Bay Wilderness Lodge

The property can be seen on Google Earth at co-ordinates 49 39 21N, 126 33 07W on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We are in Nootka Sound, on the western side of Bligh Island, opposite Fidalgo passage. The location is protected from adverse weather by a 326 meter hill to the SE, and the bulk of Bligh Island. Ours is the only facility in the bay, and is therefore private, with a strong feeling of seclusion. Utopia Bay is one of the most prime locations in Nootka Sound, right next door to a marine park. This is one of the premier salmon fishing destinations in BC. It is centrally located, not far from all the major points of interest in the area. The view south out the living room window is absolutely spectacular, with no evidence of logging or a human presence, just islands, trees, and ocean. Whales, porposes, sea otters, and sealions are often seen right off the front deck.

Bligh Island, Nootka Sound
Gold River, BC V0P 1G0
(250) 897-8444